May 08, 2021


Swift Traffic App is a web application compatible with both Mac, PC, and Mobile that makes it IMPOSSIBLE to not get traffic.

How Do You Get The Traffic You Need? And that’s a great question. Because that’s likely where you’re struggling, right? If you had the targeted traffic you needed, you could simply send it to what you’re selling. You could FINALLY succeed. Unfortunately though, getting traffic is the hardest part out there. There are hundreds of ways to get traffic. But have you ever gotten visitors that actually turn into profits? I bet not. And you’re not alone! Because Competition Is FIERCE! Than Ever Before!

It’s ruthless. You’re competing with mega corporations that have huge budgets to produce top quality content. Be honest with yourself. Do you really think you’re going to match the quality of those with limitless budgets? You’re not going to. But don’t lose hope, because there IS a better way. The Explosive Secret Is To Get Traffic From “A Blue Ocean”. So, what the heck is a “blue ocean”? Well, let me explain. Sites like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. are filled with competition. You are competing with tens of thousands of marketers for the attention of people. So your chances of getting traffic is VERY slim. You’re competing in a “red ocean” filled with sharks. What you need is to siphon traffic from a “blue ocean”, free from competition. And I’ve found that!

I’ve Discovered An Untapped “Blue Ocean” With Over 110M Hungry Buyers. While marketers are fiercely competing on big sources like Instagram and Facebook for traffic, this source remains untapped. And it’s GIANT. In fact, it boasts over 110M visitors. Covering thousands of different niches. So no matter what your product, offer, or service is, you can get targeted traffic. There are tens of millions of visitors up for grabs. Imagine what you could do with just a fraction of that traffic. And This Traffic LOVES TO BUY. It’s The Same Traffic Source Millionaire Marketer Neil Patel Is Using. There’s Just One Big Problem. Although this 110M visitor source is untapped, you DO need to create content. Content is a universal requirement for getting free traffic, no matter how you slice it. It’s king in 2021 and always will be. But it’s such a hassle to create. And that’s what he took into consideration when making this new app. It had to be easy enough for a child to get traffic. Because if that was possible, it means ANYONE could generate traffic. And after 6 months of hard work, they did it. Introducing Swift Traffic App.



That’s because Swift Traffic App does all the heavy lifting for you, every step of the way. It’s the blue ocean filled with the traffic you need to make money online. Easy As 1-2-3:

  • Step 1. Choose Your Niche: Enter any keyword inside of Swift to choose your niche
  • Step 2. Enter Your Link: This can be anything. Affiliate links, you could build a list with an opt-in link. There are so many ways you can use this traffic.
  • Step 3. Activate The Automation: Swift Traffic App will start putting your link in front of the eyes of up to 80 million hot users.

Success comes down to being at the right place at the right time. Haven’t you missed out on enough already? Wish that you bought Bitcoin or Ethereum when they were dirt cheap, realizing you could’ve made giant returns? I’d hate for that regret to set in if you miss out on Swift. Because Swift Traffic App is your shortcut to all the limitless free traffic you need. Get It Now.

What Are You Waiting for ?

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  • Swift Web App: Use the Swift Traffic App web application to generate the traffic you need on ANY device of your choice. Swift works on a device, whether it’s a mobile phone, Windows, or Mac.
  • 1-Click Auto-Drive Technology: This never-before-seen “auto-drive” technology lets you put your link in front of up to 110M buyers, at the click of a button!
  • Swift Case Study: Inside of this case study, you’ll see the exact steps to go from 0 to 243,000 FREE targeted visitors. Follow along and you’ll be surprised how well Swift Traffic App works!
  • Swift Training Tutorials: In the rare event that you get stuck using Swift, they have a series of training videos that show all the ins and outs of Swift.
  • Swift Support Team: If you have any issues with Swift Traffic App, their white-glove support team is ready to assist you at any time.


  • Swift Unlimited – OTO 1: (Price: $39): Experience Swift Traffic App without limits. Create unlimited campaigns and unlock unlimited capability on everything inside your account
  • Swift Limitless Traffic – OTO2: (Price: $197): In this upgrade their team aims to deliver Done-For-You traffic and Sales for your customers.
  • Swift Done For You – OTO3: (Price: $197): Don’t want to do it yourself? Then they’ll do the work for you. They’ll fine-tune your Swift account to the optimal settings so it’s ready to start generating traffic like a well oiled machine
  • Swift – Sleep Technology – OTO4: (Price: $39): Making money online is great… But you know what’s better? Making money while you sleep… This upgrade allows you to fully automate Swift Traffic App so you can start receiving traffic on autopilot, even while you snooze!
  • Swift – Monetization – OTO5: (Price – $197): Now that you have Swift Traffic App, you have all the traffic you need. Plenty of it… But how do you turn it into money? With the Monetization upgrade, this problem is solved. You’ll be able to turn your traffic into juicy, $1K commissions, with no effort!
  • Swift – Reseller – OTO6: (Price: $197): Sell Swift Traffic App and keep 100% commission on the entire funnel. You’ll get to use their proven salespages, design, and they’ll even let you use their support team. All you have to do is send traffic.



  • How does Swift Traffic App get me traffic? A. Swift gets you traffic by publishing content with your links to an untapped 110M visitor source. Everything is taken care of for you. Just enter a keyword to choose your niche, and show Swift where you want traffic sent to…
  • Why call it Swift Traffic App? A. Because they know you’re tired of waiting for results. This is something that brings results quickly, therefore, the name Swift.
  • How long does it take to get traffic? A. Typically 12-24 hours. The sooner you activate it, the sooner you will see your first visitors.
  • Are there any extra expenses involved? A. No! None at all. No monthly fees, no paying for traffic, and no extra tools needed. Swift gives you everything you need to generate a swarm of traffic from the ground up.
  • Do I need to create content myself? A. Nope. Swift’s breakthrough AI does it all for you. All you need to do is choose a niche, enter your link, and let Swift Traffic App work for you.
  • What sets this apart from other push button apps? A. They all know there’s no shortage of push button apps promising you the world. I’ve bought more than you can imagine myself. And here’s why Swift Traffic App is different… Most traffic apps require you to have an existing audience on a platform like Facebook, IG, Twitter, etc. Swift doesn’t. It instantly puts you in front of up to 110M buyers with the help of AI and automation.