Send Onyx — is the first and only AI-powered multi-tool that allows you to build and email your list, import leads without hassle, send cold outreach campaigns, and build opt-in and landing pages all under one roof without monthly fees.
Here comes the truth: Are You Ready To Accept The Fact That Email Marketing Is Single-Handedly The Best Business Model in 2023. And it’s REALLY REALLY easy. It works in 2 simple steps: Import your email list with just a few clicks and prime it for sending. No manual verification is required. And Find an offer you want to send to your list. Prepare a campaign using our built-in next gen AI and click send. All of those fake gurus out there are trying to make it look so hard, and they do it for ONE reason only. To get you to buy their stuff. But the fact is It’s NOT hard, anyone can do it — all you need is the right tools and the right knowledge to get the results we get every day.

Every Guru Tells You That You Need All Of This To Build A List. But That’s Stone Cold Lie – Or They Just Don’t Know Better. Either Way, You Should Stop Listening To Them! An Autoresponder. A Funnel Builder. To Build Opt-In Pages. To Create Email Forms. To Know How To Write Email Campaigns. To Know How To Set Up Sequences. To Know How To Drive Traffic And So On And So Forth. So Many Things For You To Learn And Know In The Beginning Is Impossible For Anyone To Succeed. But There’s More To add further to the problem you need so much money to pay for all this stuff EVERY SINGLE MONTH whether you make any sales or not you still need to pay: $100/month For Autoresponder, $200/month For Landing Page Builder, $100 For A Measly 100 Clicks Of Semi-targeted Traffic. Sounds So Overwhelming Right?
It’s no wonder why so many people are failing. You need to dig a hole just so you can start hoping to get some sales your way. IT SIMPLY DOESN’T WORK! FACT: 92% Of Aweber, GetResponse, Clickfunnels Users And Not Making A Profit. They Just Can’t Afford To Pay Them Every Month. And Get a Poor Service In Return. These services are charging you whether you mail or not, you have to constantly worry if you are going to break some of their infamous TOS and get banned for no reason. They put your account on a low quality server and your emails land in spam, so you can’t even make a sale to pay for their service. NOT WORTH IT. So What’s The Solution? Introducing Send Onyx.

It takes 3 steps to start generating sales today!
Step 1: Create Your Send Onyx Account: Create your account so you can start sending your campaigns without having to worry about monthly bills.
Step 2: Import Your Leads Hassle Free: Import your leads and subscribers with just a few clicks. No manual verification is required.
Step 3: Schedule Your First Campaign: Schedule your email campaign with AI powered drag and drop campaign builder in just a few minutes.
At this point you only have 2 options: You can continue doing what you’re doing and keep paying mothly for tools that are gouging you and not providing services you pay for while you are only making them more rich. Or you can grab your Send Onyx today, control your own destiny, have multiple different options all in one place without having to pay any monthly fees ever and most importantly send emails straight to inbox. Hurry up!

What Are You Waiting for ?

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  • Drag & Drop Email Builder: Craft stunning, responsive templates effortlessly, no coding needed or import premade HTML templates with 2-clicks.
  • Import Bulk Subscriber Contacts: Start Importing your email subscribers without any limitations or hassle – They don’t require import confirmation.
  • Send Unlimited Email Campaigns: Control your own business without having to worry if your ESP is going to suspend your account for trying to send an email campaign they don’t like.
  • Set Up Unlimited Automations: Once your sequence is configured, you can shift your attention to nurturing your email list, while Send Onyx takes charge of driving profits your way.
  • Set Up Unlimited Segments: Set up Segments that dynamicaly populate when you send your campaigns. Collect subscribers that open your campaigns automatically.
  • 20+ Pre-made Campaign Templates: Pick from 20 premade mobile-friendly templates that work for any industry or niche, whether it’s ecommerce or affiliate marketing.
  • Unlimited AI Generations: Never write a single email in your life again. Set up your prompt here and let Send Onyx AI write a complete email campaign for you.
  • Unlimited SMTP Servers: They support all of the major SMTP servers out there. But not only that you can also connect with your own Cpanel and send email campaigns completely free.


  • Affiliate Marketing: Want to promote affiliate products? Most of the services out there frown upon most of the offers you want to promote. Not us. Import and build your email list in any niche you want and start promoting affiliate offers right away.
  • eCommerce And Dropshipping: Are you selling physical products and dropshipping? They got you. They support ecommerce with detailed analytics. You are now able to know exactly who to target and who buys from you. Track the entire sales process and send personalized emails that are bound to convert.
  • Local Marketing: Want to support local businesses? You can use Send Onyx to run your own email marketing agency with ease. Just import leads and start driving sales to your customers.
  • B2B Cold Outreach : This is the first EVER hybrid tool that allows sending both mass email broadcasts and do cold out reach. You can now collect B2B email data, import straight to your account and start sending cold outreach campaigns to increase your profit by 100x.


  • How Many Emails Can I Send Per Day? There is no set limit on the number of emails you can send per day with Send Onyx. You can send unlimited campaigns every single day.
  • How Hard It Is To Use Send Onyx? It’s actually really really EASY. It’s no harder then any other service out there but to make it even easier for you, you’ll get access to their private customer FB Group.
  • Do I Need To Pay Anything To Send Emails? No. Send Onyx connects with all of the major SMTP servers out there. Most of those services allow you to send up to 50,000 emails per month completely free. Combine few SMTP services and never pay to send emails again.
  • Are There Any Monthly Fees? No. You’ll never have to pay monthly to use Send Onyx. Once you join you’ll own your account for life.
  • Is There A Money-back Guarantee? There is no set limit on the number of emails you can send per day with Send Onyx. You can send unlimited campaigns every single day.
  • Is The Support Included? They pride themselves in having the BEST support out there. Their team can help you set up your campaigns, transfer leads and subscribers from other services you use.