EBFusion is A Brand-New Software Auto-Creates A Fully-Functional Ebook Store In Seconds And Instantly Loads It With 10,000 eBooks.
It’s 2023 & Ebooks Are Killin’ It. Projections suggest the US’ ebooks market will generate $7.78 billion in revenue in 2025. Close to 23% of the US population purchased an ebook in 2020, making up for 191 million ebooks sold throughout the year. Younger generation prefers Ebooks. According to ereader stats, more than 60% of users are in the 18-45 age group. But Until Now. Doing That Was Easier Said Than Done. Here Were Your 3 Not-So-Nice & Super Expensive Options: OPTION #1. Build A Store On Amazon: Pay Amazon fee on every sale. Lose profits in the form of charges & fee. Compete with millions of other sellers for traffic. Staying up-to-date with Amazon’s policies and best practices. Run the risk of getting shut down if you miss out on any of their regulations.

OPTION #2: Do-It-Yourself. Buy complicated tools to build your store. Find and source Ebooks. Set up payment and delivery systems. Promote and market your store. Drive traffic to your store. Manage inventory and track sales. OPTION #3: Buy Subscription To A Store Builder. Good News We Have Created A 4th Option…Introducing EBFusion.
Yes – It’s That FAST. You too Can Start Your Own Online Ebook Store In Just 3 Easy Steps:

  • Step #1: Login & Watch: Login & Watch The App Instantly Create A Fully-Functional Online Ebook Store Loaded With 10,000+ Ebooks in The Most-Popular Genres.
  • Step #2: Connect: Connect Your Preferred Payment Processor (PayPal, Stripe, PayFast, Bank Account) & Create Discount Coupons (You can also add your own Ebooks if you want)
  • Step #3: Sell & Collects: Sell Ebooks & Collect Payments.

People Still Read Books And ALWAYS Will The popularity of ebooks has been increasing in recent years, as more and more people are choosing to read digital books on their smartphones & tablets. Smartphones have made it easier for people to access and read ebooks.And features like adjustable text size & font, make reading easier for people with visual impairments or other disabilities. And this along with the fact that ebooks do not require the use of paper makes them a more environmentally friendly choice. 2023 is the PERFECT time to leverage this trend that is taking the reading community by storm. EBFusion helps you do just that… get started in the next few minutes. Get It Now.

What Are You Waiting for?

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  • A.I. Powered App: No design or technical skills needed. EBFusion will create, design, format, and style your Ebook Store in a few clicks.
  • Instantly Loaded With 10,000+ Ebooks In the Most-Popular Genres: Your Ebook Store is automatically loaded with 10,000+ DFY Ebooks in the Most-Popular Genres. Everything is beautifully designed and your store is mobile responsive. Your customers will be able to buy Ebooks from you on mobile & tablet as well.
  • DFY Blog Builder With The Built-In ChatGPT Technology: Automatically create unique and relevant blog posts for your Ebook Stores. EBFusion uses a DFY Blog Builder with a Built-In ChatGPT to drip-feed unique content to your ebook store every day. And the best part is… You can add your own content too.
  • Create Unlimited Coupons For Your Store: In just a few clicks… create as many discount coupons as you want. Share these coupons via Email or Social media. Let your customers redeem these coupons to get discounts… and watch your sales go through the roof.
  • Connect Payments Processors: They have integrated with 4 online payment processors (PayPal, Stripe, PayFast, Bank Account) that you can use to sell and collect payments right inside of the store. And connecting them in point-n-click easy. No tech stuff… This is 100% Rookie Approved.
  • Hosting and Domain Included With Absolutely No Cost: They have included Hosting and Domain for absolutely no cost whatsoever… so you can kickstart without spending an extra penny for anything TODAY, TOMORROW, or EVER.
  • 24-Hour PREMIUM Support: Have questions? – They have answers… feel free to consult their team of experts for anything that you need. They have got your back around the clock!
  • Training & Tutorials: They have programmed their online services keeping in mind your needs… and to help you become self-reliant. It is filled with articles, videos, and FAQs that can get you quickly started and solve all your problems without anyone’s help.


  • In Just a Few Clicks Create Stunning Ebook Stores: Hosted on our blazing-fast servers in seconds… without learning code and without hiring freelancers.
  • Sell Unlimited Ebooks: To unlimited customers for unlimited profits… There are over 10,000 top-selling ebooks in the most-popular categories preloaded in your store
  • Create Your Own Ebook right inside the app. Just copy-paste your text + image to their ebook maker module and in just a few clicks … turn it into an ebook to sell
  • Manage All Your Customers: And their purchases from a single dashboard.
  • Effortlessly Integrate: Your preferred payment processor to start collecting payments
  • Create Your Ready-To-Profit Ebook Store In Just A Few Clicks…
  • Start Selling Instantly (i.e. in the next 10 minutes)… 10,000+ Ebooks In The Most-Popular Genres Pre-Loaded
  • Create Discount Coupons & Change Price To Skyrocket Sales & Profits
  • Get 100% FREE Hosting. No Domain/Hosting Required.
  • Pay Once, Profit Forever Without Any Restrictions


  • Is EBFusion a cloud-based software? Yes, They pride themselves on being 100% cloud-based & supremely reliable. You can access EBFusion from anywhere and start making MASSIVE profits selling Ebooks. Simply select the device of your choice (MAC, Windows, or even your Mobile) and begin.
  • Is EBFusion a popular software with marketers? Oh absolutely, you will be amazed at how many marketers are using and loving EBFusion. They’ve added their feedback to this site, simply scroll up to read it for yourself.
  • ​Do they have to pay a monthly subscription fee to access EBFusion? Right now… NO! But after this special offer ends, users will have to pay a monthly fee to access EBFusion which they can currently get at a ONE-TIME cost.
  • What are the minimum experience and skills required to use EBFusion? You don’t have to be a seasoned marketer or a technical genius to create Ebook Stores! EBFusion is 100% beginner-friendly. This automated software does everything for you. You simply profit!
  • Is training & support included? Yes. When you buy EBFusion today, you can also easily access their step-by-step training resources. Their technical experts are available for you 24X7 for any queries that you may have.