XTargeter is the revolutionary Done-For-You software that instantly drives thousands of ultra-hot Instagram users to ANY high-ticket offer.

If you’re tired of struggling to make sales with low-priced offers and bottom-feeder traffic. And you just want a true “push button” system that hands you premium-quality leads who are itching to buy the next high-ticket offer they see. Generating $150 per sale commissions on autopilot. Carving your name into the leaderboards of major affiliates launches. Making more $ per minute than you currently make in a day of hard work. Helping people when they need it most by providing high-quality solutions at the perfect time. Designing an effortless lifestyle business that friends and family envy.

This Profit System Makes It Copy & Paste Easy. Scraping ultra-hot buyer lists from Instagram ads and posts. Instantly putting you in their inbox – free to promote ANY URL. Collecting massive commissions from wealthy buyers at the exact moment they’re desperate for a solution. Imagine being DONE working for the day before you even sit down for your morning coffee. With As Much As $264/MINUTE In Profit Potential…

Affiliate Marketers Using This Approach Are Making More Money. Pushing a few buttons than they used to make in a week of hard work at a soul-sucking 9 to 5. And because of this revolutionary software & marketing strategy, all the past obstacles to success have been pushed to the side. No website or email list needed. Nothing to learn or study. No marketing expertise required. No long hours or crazy work ethic necessary. No stress or pressure to perform. No “building relationships” with affiliate managers. No low-commission offers. No autoresponder, hosting or monthly fees. Introducing XTargeter.



You’re Just 3 Simple Steps From High-Ticket Affiliate Commissions:

  • STEP 1: Copy the URL for ANY Instagram post into XTargeter (works with ads and organic posts).
  • STEP 2: Watch XTargeter scrape a complete list of EVERYONE who likes that post
  • STEP 3: Hit the “Send” button to deliver a clickable message to everyone on that list – right into their private Messages. Drive massive FREE traffic to ANY offer in Seconds.

By scraping leads from top-performing IG posts and ads, this is as close as you’ll get to the gurus giving you their buyers list and saying “have at it”. We all know the money is in the list. Well, now you can have Frank Kern’s list…and Russell Brunson’s…and Tai Lopez’s…all in seconds – simply by scraping their IG posts. That’s 100% Free and ultra-targeted traffic to drive massive high-ticket paydays.

Which is why licenses are EXTREMELY limited. The good news is that a small group of super affiliates can fly under the radar and dominate the high-ticket offer market with this ultimate competitive edge. So if you’re sick of working your tail off promoting offers that only pay scraps. And you just want a Done-For-You system that can bring in $150+ per sale with FREE traffic and just a few button pushes. Then you need to jump on this while licenses are still available.

What Are You Waiting for ?

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  • Starting making high-ticket commissions in just 3 clicks ($150+ per sale)
  • Get $$ offers in front of the hottest high-income buyers at the perfect time
  • Export public emails and SMS numbers for all leads
  • ZERO tech skills required – press 3 buttons to set up your first profitable campaign
  • No Website, Email List or Marketing Background Required
  • Instantly target everyone who likes a specific Instagram post or ad (and DM your offer right away)
  • You do NOT need to be an Instagram expert – XTargeter does it all for you!
  • 6-figure per month potential.


  • Get hundreds to thousands of contacts daily ethically
  • Create clickable messages to drive massive traffic to any url
  • ​Export public emails of ready to buy leads for email marketing
  • Be able to convert FANS (including your competitors and influencers) into SALES directly
  • Get rid of cost of running retargeting ads to everyone that likes your ads promotions
  • Create rich custom audience for Facebook and Instagram marketing
  • ​Comes with agency rights
  • ​Fully cloud hosted
  • Start making 4 to 5 figures a month fast and easy



  • How’s this different from other traffic softwares I’ve purchased? Simply put, the majority of traffic softwares send low-quality un-targeted traffic to your offers (if they send any traffic at all). This means low conversions rates, tons of time wasted and really low commissions. With XTargeter, you’re getting direct access to the highest quality FREE traffic from a premium source (Instagram). And you’re only marketing to the people who have already raised their hand to say they’re interested.
  • Why are the conversion rates so high with XTargeter? By using the “Desire Mapping” technique, you are tapping into prospects’ deepest desires at the perfect moment when their buying urge is highest. Because of this, users are seeing astronomical conversion rates at premium price points.
  • What types of offers does this work for? Because of the higher income level for Instagram users and their unique targeting strategy, they recommend using XTargeter to promote high-ticket offers with $150 to $300 payouts. This way you’ll only need a few sales a day to hit $10,000+ months with ease.
  • Do I need to pay monthly expenses with XTargeter? Grab your license before the timer on this page hits zero and you get Instant Lifetime Access to XTargeter for an insanely low ONE-TIME investment. Plus, because XTargeter is all-in-one Done-For-You, you won’t ever need to pay for hosting, autoresponders or domain names. In other words Keep 100% of your commissions without monthly expenses draining your account!
  • Is there a money back guarantee? Of course! Grab your discounted license today 100% Risk-Free. If you’re not completely thrilled with the results, just reach out to our support team in the next 60 days for a 100% Refund.
  • Do I need to know anything about Instagram? No! In fact you’ll never even need to log into Instagram to create your campaigns or start making sales. You can make money with XTargeter even if you’ve never had an Instagram account in your life.
  • Can I do this in my spare time while working a regular job? Absolutely! You can realistically set up 3-4 campaigns while you have your morning coffee before you head to work. Then just keep an eye on your email for sales notifications throughout the day.
  • Can measures be put in place to stop users from bracing FB rules? Yes, there are effective measures already in place to prevent that.
  • Will I lose my accounts using Xtargeter? No, You won’t
  • Would Instagram Ban me using this software? There is ZERO chance that using this software will ban you.
  • Is there a way to ensure that the emails are not going to put my domain on the spam list … how do I know the emails/info is clean. Xtargeter has an inbuilt award winning email validation system that checks that an email is valid and deliverable
  • If I upload these emails do i risk losing my AR account, violating CANN-SPAM? No…Xtargeter has an email validator that ensures the emails are clean and deliverable.